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About CodeMax 

Since 2016, CodeMax has provided unparalleled revenue cycle management services to an ever-growing list of satisfied behavioral healthcare providers, doctor’s offices, and lab companies. Our team comprises both experienced clinicians and billing and coding experts, all of whom have a deep understanding of the day-to-day issues that arise in attempting to navigate the medical insurance industry. What sets CodeMax apart from other billing companies is our hands-on experience in the industry, which lets us see things from your perspective. Just as you individualize treatment for your patients, our team tailors our services to meet your individual billing needs.

Who We Serve

At CodeMax Medical Billing, we represent healthcare providers including addiction and mental health treatment centers as well as doctor’s offices and labs. We pride ourselves on fighting for clients, especially when insurance companies do not understand their needs. We also represent a range of clients that includes both new and established facilities. Learn more about what our team of industry professionals can do for you today.

Services We Offer 

At CodeMax, we offer a broad range of medical billing and related services. Among these are billing and claims management, utilization management, Quality Assurance, Verification of Benefits, and consulting services that include medical billing and practice assessments. 


Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of compassionate, expert clinicians and billing and medical coding specialists, led by an executive management staff with decades of combined experience running and managing successful treatment centers just like yours.


Are you a medical coding or billing professional looking for an exciting new opportunity on an experienced team of industry professionals? Reach out to the CodeMax hiring team today.

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