Collect More for the Same Work with CodeMax Medical Billing Services for Rehab & Recovery Centers, Primary Mental Health Treatment Facilities, and other Medical Offices

Does your business have problems with

Slow verification?

Slow verification?

Slow payments?

Slow payments?



Denial of treatment authorizations?

Denial of treatment authorizations?

Denial of claims?

Denial of claims?

High Billing & Collection Costs?

High Billing & Collection Costs?

CodeMax Medical Billing helps eliminate these problems and increase your bottom line. We work to…

  • Get your patients more treatment — up to a 50% longer
  • Help you collect more revenue — up to 30% more
  • Get your patients verified faster — often in as little as 45 minutes.

Easier approvals, higher billings, faster collections and fewer headaches.

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How We Do It

How CodeMax Medical Billing service gets you paid more for the work you’re already doing

We do this by

Providing faster VOB’s so qualified patients get approved and admitted, and unqualified patients don’t consume services you can’t bill for.

Creating a medical billing process that is well-organized and designed to glide through the claims processes of insurance companies.

Persistent, daily follow-up on all claims to help you get paid faster.

Properly coding your services to reduce denials and maximize the value of each claim

Who We Work With

medical billing for rehab and recovery centers

Addiction, Rehab and Recovery Centers

We have frontline experience working in addiction, rehab and recovery centers, so we understand the needs of your patients, the treatments you offer, and all the nuances of running your facilities.

recovery medical billing for treatment centers

Primary Mental Health Treatment Centers

We know how important your care is to your patients. Our medical billing service works to get you faster VOB’s, improve your billing processes, and collects more quickly.

medical billing for doctors offices

Doctors, Hospitals, Labs & Other Medical Services

We work with medical service providers all throughout the medical industry. Our medical billing services are available to hospital physicians, doctors’s offices, hospitals, labs, surgery centers, and other medical services.

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