Aged Receivables

Accounts receivable aging is a problem for any substance abuse treatment center. It’s clear that the longer bills are not paid, the more complex the problem gets. That’s why it is so important to have a proper billing and claims management process in place. This can significantly reduce the risk that your organization suffers financially from nonpayment. Aged receivables support is one of the tools we offer at CodeMax Medical Billing to help reduce some of those risks.

What Are Aged Receivables Costing You?

Aged receivables are those medical bills that have yet to be paid and are getting older. Our goal is to help determine how long it is taking for payment to be made in accounts receivable aging. Some of the key answers organizations need include:

By working with our team at CodeMax Medical Billing, we can create reports that shed light specifically on these areas, allowing you to understand better where your current accounts receivable standard. This is something that changes often. Keeping an eye on this can help to ensure your receivables do not get behind.

An Aged Receivables Report Offers Insight

If you are utilizing an internal medical billing system, you may not be getting a full picture of what is owed. You may have payments coming in, but there may still be older debts owed to your organization that is never collected. With an aged receivables report, we can clearly indicate where you stand and, after looking at costs over the long term, if things are improving or worsening.

Why Accounts Receivable Aging Is So Valuable

There are many reasons accounts are not paid. Sometimes there are problems with medical billing procedures. Other times, codes are wrong, leading insurance companies to deny payments. Other times, patients need help getting caught up on the debts they have. It is possible to get those payments back on track with proper updating and tracking in all of these situations. In addition to this, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you know which accounts are in good standing and which may need additional support.

How Our Company Can Enhance Your Outcome

At CodeMax Medical Billing, we offer a wide range of resources to support your organization’s medical billing. That includes aged receivables reports. It also includes better overall billing and claims management. Some of the services we offer greatly enhance the outcome your company has with managing accounts receivable. When using our services, we can help with:

Allow Us to Help You at CodeMax Medical Billing

Managing your accounts receivable doesn’t have to be such a challenge. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals and superior service, we can provide more peace of mind for your practice. In addition, CodeMax Medical Billing offers a wide range of resources to support your best outcome. Learn more when you call 818.600.4146 or connect with us online now.