Medical Claims and Billing

Do you consistently challenge low payments? Are you confident that every step of the billing process is in the best hands? At CodeMax Medical Billing, we help our clients improve profitability through persistent collection strategies, accurate coding, and streamlined processes.

Our team of clinicians and billing and coding specialists has extensive experience in substance use disorder and mental health treatment. We’ve spent years operating successful healthcare organizations and offer expertise to our clients.

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We Are Your Revenue Cycle Partner

A crucial part of increasing your revenue is challenging payments that fall below the UCR standards for billed services. UCR stands for usual, customary, and reasonable and refers to a rate that is consistent with the amount that the same payor has offered for the same services within your zip code. We use our time-tested and industry-proven techniques to challenge low payments. First, we compare the claim offered amount to other claim offers from the same payor on the same or similar policies for services within your zip code. Then, if we find higher rates for UCR standards, we alert the insurance customer service representative of such and immediately challenge the low offer on this basis. Often, our clients receive a higher offer that is more than 30% above the original offer.

Don’t miss out on potential revenue. By challenging low payments, you’ll be able to devote more resources to patient care.

At every step of the billing process, you need a team on your side that will ensure that you’re providing accurate and thorough documentation.

Our Billing and Claims Management Services

We offer comprehensive billing and claims management services for healthcare providers. Some of these services include

Additionally, our quality assurance team works hand in hand with our appeals department to make sure that your medical necessity documentation is perfect when sent to the provider. CodeMaxMB is experienced in helping substance use disorder and mental health treatment centers, physicians, surgery centers, and laboratories of all sizes. From boutique recovery centers to quickly expanding organizations, we offer support that can be scaled up or down as needed. And through our consulting services, we can help your business identify areas for growth and implement actionable solutions.

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Connect with our team today to learn more about our billing and claims management services. In addition to handling billing and payments, we offer consulting services to help identify inefficiencies in your organization, quick, efficient, and accurate verification of benefits, and utilization management to ensure that your patients receive the services they need. Working with insurance companies can be complicated. Rest assured that the CodeMaxMB team will work on your behalf to increase cash flow and save you money. We invite you to reach out to our team at 818.600.4146 or connect with us online today. And check out our exclusive app where you have an at-a-glance look at your finances, claim statuses, and payments