Healthcare Consulting Services

At CodeMax Medical Billing, we don’t just offer billing and collection services. While our decades of experience have made us experts in working with insurance companies, we can also help you identify areas of your business where you have the potential to grow. Streamlining processes, developing best practices and templates, advising on client selection, and keeping you up to date on payor trends are just a few of the ways we’ll help you improve.

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Consulting Services to Help Your Business Grow

We have experience in working with boutique treatment centers, companies with several locations, physicians, surgery centers, and laboratories. No matter how big or how small your business, CodeMaxMB can help you grow.

First, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your existing practices. We’ll identify areas of improvement and come up with a plan for increasing your revenue, identifying the right patients, and working with insurance companies. However, we won’t stop there. We’ll also help you implement this plan.

Just some of what we can help with through our healthcare consulting services includes:

If there are aspects of your business that you want to see improve, just let us know. We’ll help you focus on clinical care as we improve your bottom line.

We Can Help You Overcome Challenges

Navigating complex legal issues with insurance companies or patients? Need help training your team on regulations, levels of care, or documentation? Want to implement new strategies to maximize efficiency but aren’t sure where to start? These are just some of the challenges that CodeMaxMB’s team can assist you with. 

Our legal team is always available to fight the insurance companies when they attempt something that violates the regulations that are designed to treat you and your patients fairly. Your patients deserve the best care, and that includes spending enough time in treatment and receiving high-quality services. You put your patients first and we’ll fight on your behalf.

Benefits of Our Healthcare Consulting Services

The biggest benefit of our healthcare consulting services? They’re built into our service guarantees and are available at no additional cost to your business. This is just another way that CodeMaxMB can help you save time and increase revenue.

We’ll represent you the same way your internal billing department would, but with the added bonus of having a team on your side with decades of experience. Another benefit of outsourcing billing? You don’t need to worry about finding and hiring billing and medical coding specialists. Instead, you can rely on our experienced team.

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From helping you with admissions and verification of benefits to pursuing collections and standing up to insurance companies on your behalf, CodeMaxMB is your one-stop shop for billing and collections. You can rely on our expertise and spend more time focusing on patient care. And with the help of our consulting services, you can develop new workflows and processes to help every member of your team.

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