How much do you know about your organization’s claims health? If you operate a substance abuse or mental health treatment center, you may not be receiving all of the claims you should be. The services we offer at CodeMax Medical Billing may be eye-opening to you. Our medical billing auditing can shed light on what’s missing and help fill in the gaps for any losses you’ve had. Let us offer support to you.

Consider the Value of Medical Billing Auditing

performing medical billing audit

A medical billing audit is one of the essential tools for mental health practices or any organization that bills insurance companies for the services it provides. This audit can provide a range of benefits, including:

  • The reliability of the claims being made and the coding services being provided to the practice
  • The effectiveness of documentation used within the practice, including how accurate it is
  • Verification of health records and medical billing data to ensure accuracy
  • More accurate insight into claims not being paid promptly
  • More confidence in employees or, if using a third-party provider, in the services they offer

Like any audit, the goal is to show the good and the bad. By having more insight into how well the medical process works within your organization, you’ll have more information to support your organization’s growth.

Audits may show problems. That may include inadequate coding systems that could be delaying claims. It may indicate a lack of transparency in the management of health records. That can translate into complications for proper coding. All of this leads to insurance denial of services or, in some cases, an endless cycle of delays.

Bill Auditing Services Help You Improve Your Patient Care

Monitoring billing processes directly impact your clients and patients. Mistakes lead to delays. They may even cause insurance companies to deny care. That frustrates therapists who are trying to provide services. It also makes it hard for a person with a mental health disorder or an addiction to get the support they need quickly. Even if these mistakes are corrected later, there’s already a delay that the patient has to manage.

With bill auditing services, you also improve the revenue generation coming into your organization. Better revenue means better levels of services provided to your clients. If you are watching your profit margins drop, it may be time to take a closer look at just how effective your medical billing practices are. An audit can do just that and much more for you.

Put Your Trust in Our Team at CodeMax Medical Billing

You have every right to accuracy when it comes to medical billing practices. If you have not had an audit in some time, reach out to us. Allow us to offer insights into what’s happening within your organization. We can find areas that can better support your practice, ensuring your clients always receive the type and level of care they need.

Learn more about the services we offer. You can also check out the advantages our clients see when working with us, including:

  • More accurate coding processes leading to faster claims
  • Enforcement of claims and violations with the help of a legal team
  • Aggressive and persistent collections when necessary
  • Faster VOB services
  • Lower overhead costs by allowing us to handle the process

What could medical billing auditing do for your business and patients? To learn more about the services we offer at CodeMax Medical Billing, set up a time to speak to our team. We can help you determine if it’s time to invest in an improved medical billing service. Reach out to us at 818.600.4146 or contact us online for more support.