Verification of Benefits (VOB) is at the heart of any medical billing process. It is the process of requesting approval from insurance companies for the proposed services a patient needs. It may seem like a simple and straightforward process. Most often, it is not. With proper billing and claims management, it may be possible to reduce some of the most common problems. That may increase revenue while also ensuring your patients receive better care. At CodeMax Medical Billing, we’re happy to work closely with you to achieve your best outcome.

person going through document for verification of benefitsCommon Problems with Verification of Benefits

What makes VOB so challenging for substance abuse treatment organizations? There are many reasons that the process slows down. When that happens, it puts your organization on the line. Some common concerns include:

  • Inaccurate information, such as patient account numbers
  • Coverage limitations that are not fully understood
  • Issues with verifying a patient’s identification
  • Unclear documentation of medical need
  • Improper coding processes
  • Human error

There are many potential problems that can happen. Every time any step in the process suffers from a mistake or inconsistency, there are problems with the patient receiving the care they need. That’s why it is critical to turn to the right company to handle VOB for you instead of trying to do this in-house.

How to Streamline Medical Benefits Verification

If you have had denied claims or denied treatment authorization, it may be because of any of these reasons. To minimize this risk, we encourage you to turn to our team at CodeMax Medical Billing. We’ll work closely with you to ensure only the most accurate methods and processes are used. More so, we can help you with slow payments and slow verifications right away, often minimizing the risk that your organization will struggle.

When you employ our team to handle medical billing, we do as much of the work for you as you would like. That includes helping with high billing and collection costs, improving patient care by ensuring they get service fast, and providing longer recovery time with streamlined verification.

With our services, we can help your patients receive more treatment – sometimes as much as 50% more than they are receiving now. In addition to this, we can help you collect more revenue – up to 30% more than you may be doing right now. And, we work hard to ensure your patients are verified faster, getting them to care now.

How Do We Meet These Goals?

Our medical benefits verification services use the most modern and up-to-date technology available. Our software and professionals are ready to help you with:

  • Improving revenue by reducing inefficiencies that are holding your organization back
  • Reducing costs related to in-house billing teams – let us do it for you instead, and you’ll save money
  • Improved and faster VOB, which ensures your patients receive the type and level of support they need
  • Comprehensive support for collections to ensure any invoices that are owed to you are paid properly and as quickly as possible
  • Legal support if you find insurance companies may be skirting regulations to reduce costs

Our team is here to help you. We encourage you to take the first step today. Analyze where you are in your VOBs. Are you hitting targets? Are you making patients wait? If so, it may be time to move operations to our team.

Gain Insights and Support from CodeMax Medical Billing

Every organization needs proper support for VOBs. If you are handling these in-house, it could be costing you time and money. Our team at CodeMax Medical Billing may be able to reduce some of your frustrations and increase your revenue as a result. Reach out to us online now or call us at 818.600.4146 to learn how to help you.