medical billing and coding services in Tennessee

Finding Medical Billing and Coding Services in Tennessee

Many healthcare providers outsource the services of medical billing professionals because balancing the provision of high-quality patient care with completing necessary administrative tasks can be challenging. If the balance isn’t kept, the risk is high that a healthcare facility’s reputation and revenue go down. Medical billing can take up a lot of time, and doing…

revenue cycle improvement

Tips for Revenue Cycle Improvement

Perhaps your healthcare facility needs to outsource or improve its revenue cycle management (RCM). While healthcare facilities of all kinds are well known for saving lives and treating their patients’ medical and mental health issues, they also need to develop successful policies and processes for staying financially healthy. That’s where revenue cycle management comes in.…

benefits of quality assurance

Benefits of Quality Assurance

Does your healthcare facility need to outsource or improve its quality assurance (QA) services? Assuring the quality of what you offer to your patients during an age that’s characterized by quickly advancing technology, instant gratification, and shortened attention spans can significantly improve your reputation and your bottom line. As companies, healthcare facilities included, adapt to…

what is utilization management

What Is Utilization Management?

Does your healthcare facility need to outsource or improve its utilization management (UM) services? Utilization management in healthcare can be a complex process that helps enhance the quality of healthcare and reduce costs. In general, UM, especially if it’s practiced by as many healthcare facilities as possible, also improves the population’s overall health. Efficient UM…

educating patients

Educating Patients About Insurance

At CodeMax, we are experts in billings and claims management. We assist clients that operate substance abuse treatment centers, mental health treatment centers, surgery centers, and labs. We know insurance can seem incredibly complicated to the average person. That’s where we step in. We help educate clients about insurance to make the process feel less…

growing your practice

Helpful Tips for Growing Your Practice

The medical industry has never been more competitive than it is today. Our modern health care system is complex, and learning new techniques for growing your practice can feel daunting. CodeMax has a proven track record of successfully assisting clients with medical practice management. Our consulting services can help you navigate medical billing and create…