Eating Disorders Billing Services

For eating disorder treatment centers, having an efficient and accurate medical billing process is vital. You want to focus on providing high-quality clinical care to help your patients recover. This can involve treatment for both the physical and the psychological issues that typically accompany eating disorders. Accurate coding and thorough documentation are essential in ensuring that patients receive the care they need. At CodeMaxMB, we help eating disorder treatment centers with all of their medical billing needs.

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Why Medical Billing for Eating Disorder Treatment Is Complicated

Eating disorders involve preoccupations with food and weight that often lead to restrictive behaviors around eating. For some individuals, eating disorders co-occur with mental health issues like anxiety or even substance use issues. 

Medical billing for eating disorder treatment can be complicated due to needing insurance coverage for all of your patients’ needs. While legislation dictates that behavioral health issues need to be covered just like physical health issues, insurance companies often fight healthcare providers every step of the way. Just some of the ways insurance companies can make treating eating disorders difficult include:

Through individualized, evidence-based care, it’s possible for those who struggle with eating disorders to improve their mental and physical health. For your healthcare organization, the services of CodeMaxMB can help ensure that your patients get the quality care they need.

How We Help with Medical Billing for Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

As you create treatment plans for your patients, you shouldn’t have to worry about coverage being denied or being compensated for the work you do. Instead of dealing with insurance companies and complex medical coding and billing procedures internally, it’s possible to outsource your billing department and utilize the help of a team with decades of experience in helping healthcare providers like you.

Some of what CodeMaxMB can help with includes:

In addition, consulting services are built into our service guarantee at no additional cost to healthcare providers.

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