medical billing professionalsWe’re here to simplify the minefield of the billing process. From verification of benefits to payment receipt, we take the burden off of your facility so you can focus on patient care. Our goal is to make you more money by using our proven revenue cycle management system. Through quick VOBs, you’ll be able to help patients sooner. Without dedicating resources to an internal billing department, you’ll have more time and resources for your patients. And thanks to our medical billing professionals’ decades of experience, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your billing process is in capable hands.

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Who Our Medical Billing Professionals Serve

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Unlike other billing companies, our senior management team brings a combined 26 years of experience working in addiction treatment. We’ve owned and operated successful treatment centers and understand firsthand your needs and the needs of your patients.

Whether you offer residential treatment, outpatient services, or programs like medication-assisted treatment, we’ll work with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure that your patients can receive the help they need. While we take care of the technical details, you can spend more time on patient care.

Mental Health Treatment Centers

Your facility and clinical staff specialize in helping patients manage mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. You can trust us and our team as we make sure that you get paid for your residential and outpatient services and care at the highest levels.

Physicians and Surgery Labs

Our director of revenue cycle management and coding staff have significant experience and can help your practice, surgical center, or laboratory submit clean, appropriate claims every time. Medical billing can be a drain on your time and your resources. Spend more time caring for patients as we work with insurance companies on your behalf.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Helping patients who are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders takes time and dedication. To spend more time on your patients and rest assured that the billing process is taken care of, choose CodeMax Medical Billing.

Why CodeMaxMB?

Our president and CFO both have experience running successful residential and IOP substance abuse treatment centers in Southern California. They understand the unique requirements in running and managing a business like yours, from the day to day operations to coordinating your patient’s care. What they discovered was that the billing companies they tried did not fully assist them in their revenue cycle management and didn’t provide them with strategies to maximize their profits. In addition, most didn’t recognize that claims management requires persistence and an unfettered drive to challenge initial low pay-claim settlements that fell below thresholds that we have now established as our best practices.

CodeMax Medical Billing’s internal processes and seven interconnected departments have been established to make sure that:

  • Claims are submitted 100% clean and accurate
  • Your intake department is versed on all exclusions on the VOBs you submit through us
  • When claims are assigned references, initial settlement offers are within established thresholds for that insurance provider on similar claims made to providers within your area

We perform thorough audits and suggest best practices and help your staff by explaining the peer-to-peer review process.

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