Medical Billing For PhysiciansDoes your facility struggle with medical billing? Healthcare professionals are passionate about providing effective care to their patients, but insurance companies often undermine their ability to provide treatment. After all, an insurance company isn’t interested in the well-being of your patients as much as caregivers are. That’s why you need CodeMax Medical Billing’s services.

No one fights for your patients and the hard work you put into providing care like we do. We offer medical billing for hospital physicians, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and laboratories that focus on achieving the best quality of care without compromising your ability to receive fair compensation for the medical services you provide.

Here at CodeMaxMB, we know how to work effectively with the insurance companies to help your patients secure the treatment they need, extra recovery time when needed, and streamline the verification, approval, and collections processes.

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Medical Services Providers We Work With

We work with medical service providers of all kinds, helping them to implement a medical billing system that works for their business.

Here’s who we help:

  • Hospital physicians
  • Doctors’ offices and other medical specialists
  • Surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Recovery and rehab centers
  • Primary mental health treatment centers

With CodeMaxMB, you can focus on treating patients while we focus on improving your cash flow and increasing your revenues.

Why CodeMaxMB?

Your goal is for your patients to get the care they need, and for you to be paid for the work you do. When it comes to medical billing for hospital physicians, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and laboratories, CodeMaxMB leverages its expertise to code your billable services properly.

Our goal is to create a thorough medical billing process for your facility that reduces the likelihood of denied or modified claims and helps to ensure the best quality of care and enhanced collection rates for the services you provide.

Just some of what you can expect from CodeMaxMD includes:

  • Accurate coding – Get your claims approved more quickly and maximize your payments on every claim.
  • Increased revenues – We identify inefficiencies in your billing systems that are costing you money and highlight new potential billing opportunities you might be overlooking. Some of our past clients have seen their revenues grow by as much as 30%.
  • Aggressive and persistent collections – Get paid for the services you provide and improve your cash flow.
  • Lower overhead – By making CodeMaxMB your outsourced medical billing department, you no longer need to maintain an internal department.
  • Fast VOBs – Your admissions won’t be needlessly delayed.
  • Improvements to your quality of care – Additional recovery time can make all the difference. Our system has been shown to increase pre-authorized treatment days by nearly 50%.
  • Enforcement – Our legal team is always available to fight the insurance companies when they attempt something that violates the regulations that are designed to treat you and your patients fairly.

CodeMaxMB is the leader in medical billing for rehab and recovery facilities. Go here for more information about why that is true. 

You can rely on CodeMaxMB when it comes to medical billing for hospital physicians, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, and laboratories. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to your revenue cycle management. Whether you’re trying to get your patients the best treatment possible or battling the insurance companies over claims, CodeMaxMB can eliminate your headaches related to getting paid.

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